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Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka

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Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka

The Jewel of Russia® is a hand crafted vodka with a limited production. It will never become a mass-produced alcoholic beverage and will remain a small-batch vodka for connoisseurs who prefer a good balance between smoothness and authentic Russian character compared to other flavorless and tasteless vodka versions.

Created in 1999 with the mission to revive centuries-old Russian vodka-making traditions. This exquisite vodka has an authentic Russian taste while delivering unparalleled smoothness because of a special five step, slow-flow filtration process. Distilled from only the finest Russian winter wheat and rye with pure, deep well, artisan water. This truly is a classic— “classy stuff!”

The nose is extremely clean. The body is full, and the palate is clean with a tiny hint of grain. It has a pristine clarity, and a satiny texture. Fills the mouth with crisp, spicy flavors. The finish is huge, warming and long-lasting. The mouthfeel is clean, viscous, and well-rounded with a pleasant heat on the palate.

Spirit Type: Imported Vodka


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