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Fidencio El Lobo De La Sierra Joven Raicilla

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Fidencio El Lobo De La Sierra Joven Raicilla

This Raicilla is made with agave Maximiliana that are cooked in a masonry bread-like oven, mechanically shredded, and distilled in a still made of steel and old jars. The annual production of this is very low due to limited agave supply. Coming from the state of Jalisco, this is really unique.  Lobo de la Sierra is made by the same producer as La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla. His name is Don Gerardo Peña, and he is commonly known as El Lobo de la Sierra. You can also see this nickname "Lobo de la Sierra" listed on the front label of his La Venenosa release.

Spirit Type: Raicilla


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