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Barrell Bourbon Batch #015 9.5 YR

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Barrell Bourbon Batch #015 9.5 YR

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Spirit Type: American Bourbon Whiskey/Whisky



We Selected a group of bright and syrupy 9.5, 10 and 11 year old barrels from distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky. The barrels were carefully blended, resulting in a sophisticated, balanced bourbon, loaded with apple, gingerbread and honeyed corn notes.

Appearance: Mahogany veneer leading to notes of shimmering gold leaf melting deeply into the center of the glass.

Nose: Bacon fat and dark brown sugar, toasted nuts come into the forefront, along with licks of slow cooked bone broth woven with tangles of sweet and toasty wood smoke.

Palate: Vast slabs of gingerbread toasted over a cast iron pan until just charred, scattered with oven roasted currants and pools of dark Jamaican rum cream. Each sip of the 107.6 proof heat is beguiling as it rolls over the tongue.

Finish: Split, buttered and griddled diner-style corn muffins slowly give way to richer notes of creamed corn with an undercurrent of cedar shavings. Fire burnished marshmallow crusts are redolent of Cafe du Monde Beignets sifted with powdered sugar.


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