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Backbone The Forge Blended Bourbon

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Backbone The Forge Blended Bourbon

Backbone “The Forge” is blended bourbon where at least 51% or more of the blend is Straight Bourbon. We spent several months coming up with the blend. Our starting point was simple – how could we use our older barrels of whiskey to create something that was outstanding and stood apart from other high-end American whiskeys. The bulk of the blend is some of our best Straight Bourbon barrels between 5 & 7 years old. We also included some older Straight Rye and some wonderful barrels of Light Whiskey that were barreled in 2006. The right combination of these mature whiskeys including a stout proof of 110 allowed us to create a rich and decadent blend.

“The Forge” is our second blended bourbon. The first was Backbone “Prime” launched in 2015 using younger and more vibrant whiskeys. “The Forge” is a premium product and definitely some of our best work. “The Forge” was an opportunity to show our blending skills and to provide an innovative product from a simply delicious combination of older whiskeys. Enjoy!

Spirit Type: American Bourbon Whiskey/Whisky


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