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Asbach Uralt 3 Yr Brandy

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Asbach Uralt 3 Yr Brandy

In 1892 Hugo Asbach founded Asbach & Company which until 1991 remained in family hands. Hugo Asbach’s principles were: strict quality control, perfection, care and attention to detail with the necessary maturing time. These principles remain to this day. Quality is guaranteed through the selection of quality grapes, the diligence of the master blender, the Asbach distillation process and long term maturation and storage.
Asbach Uralt acquires its unique and distinctive taste through traditional distillation, careful storage for a least 3 years in Limousin oak casks and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process. Its mellow taste and harmonious bouquet make Asbach Uralt the embodiment of perfect quality and superb enjoyment.
COLOR: Dark topaz.
NOSE: Elegant fusion of vinous and spicy notes; harmonious notes of wood; hint of cocoa.
PALATE: Full-bodied and vinous; sweetness of ripe grapes combining with spicy notes of the noble oak-wood; harmonious and enjoyably warming.

FINISH: Slightly smoky notes of wood; nice cocoa notes; stimulating tannins. 

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Spirit Type: Brandy


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